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Coaches 2023/2024


Sophie (She/Her)

Sophie has been a part of the Orca family for 13 years, swimming for 9, and entering her 7th year of coaching. This is her second year as head coach and she is so excited to take on this new responsibility. The coaches and swimmers she has interacted with during her time at Orca has shaped the coach and the person she is today, both on and off deck. Her love for Artistic Swimming encourages her to share that passion with the swimmers she coaches and hopefully give them the same incredible experience she had with Orca as a swimmer. Off deck, she is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta. 

Lauren (She/Her)

Lauren has been part of the Orca family for 13 years, swimming for 9, and entering her 7th year of coaching. She is so excited for the opportunity to coach again this year and continue to share her passion for the sport with others. When she’s not on deck, she spends most of her time at Macewan University where she is currently studying business.


Gabby (She/Her)

Gabby swam with Orca for 8 years before she became a coach to continue her love for artistic swimming. This is her sixth year coaching and she is so excited to start this season and see all of the smiling faces! Gabby believes the Orca community is phenomenal and it is a place to make life-long friends. She loves seeing friendships build at each practice. She is a full-time student at the University of Alberta in her third year in the Faculty of Secondary Education. Her goal for this year is that to ensure that everyone has a positive, safe and accomplished year, filled with great memories and new skills. She looks forward to seeing everyone at the pool!

Jen (She/They)

Jen has been coaching with Orca since 2018, and has been doing Artistic Swimming on and off for about sixteen years! She has had such a rewarding and wonderful experience working with all the athletes in these past couple years! Jen loves getting to know the athletes and watching them develop their skills and come into their own as they navigate the sport! Off deck, she is in her last year a the UofA with a major in Anthropology, with a minor in psychology! Jen is also a member of a sorority on campus and between school and the sorority they spend their time learning fascinating things and working with the community with their sisters. 


Ellie (She/Her)

Ellie has been swimming with Orca Artistic Swimming club for 10 years now, and is ecstatic to begin her first year of coaching. She is currently in grade 12 at Harry Ainlay high school and is looking forward to attending the U of A next year! Still swimming on both orca stars team and her high school swim team, you can’t get this girl away from the water! Ellie has a love for the water, in and outside of the the club, and she can’t wait to share this passion with others.

Adia (She/Her)

Adia has been a swimmer with Orca for ten years now, and is so excited to be coaching for the first time. She loves all forms of swimming; swimming for her high school swim team, swimming for fun, and of course artistic swimming!She will be graduating from Harry Ainlay High School this year. Adia can’t wait to share her love for the water with aspiring athletes, and can’t wait to see what experiences being a coach brings. 

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