Why Synchro?

Physical Activity

Synchronized swimmers work hard to make our sport look easy.



Athletes need to be flexible in not only splits, but also adaptable to new or changing routine elements. 


Physical Literacy

Learning body awareness and swimming skills will set your athletes up for life.


Team sports require participation from athletes and coaches alike.


 ​Working with a team over the course of a season builds friendships for life.


Synchronized swimming requires both physical and mental strength.


Training and performing a strong routine requires stamina.

​Active for Life

Once an athlete, always an athlete. An active mindset is important for long term athlete development.


Throughout the season, athletes will work alongside other swimmers and coaches.


Concentration during practice leads to stronger results in and out of the water.


Orca Synchro Club works to inspire friendship and a sense of belonging, within teams and across our club.


Synchro is immersive (figuratively and literally).


Contact information:



Orca Synchro
P.O. Box 52146
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2T5

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