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Screening Policy

The purpose of screening is to provide a safe environment within our organization by identifying individuals within Orca Synchro who may pose a risk to children, youth and persons with disabilities.


The screening policy is applicable to individuals in the organization who are working closely with program participants. It does not apply to parent volunteers working only on the executive board or assisting with club events. 


1. Orca Synchro’s recruitment process for Coaches and Head Coaches will include:

a. requiring the candidate to complete an application form

b. interviewing the candidate for the position


c. checking of references, at least one of which will be specific to working with children or youth

2. The hiring process for Coaches will be presided over by the Head Coach.


3. The hiring process for a Head Coach will be presided over by the Executive committee and when possible or appropriate, the existing Head Coach. 


4. All paid employees will be required to complete a Police Information Check, which will be confidentially retained in the organization for the duration of employment. Police Information Checks should be updated every three years.


Orca Synchro will reimburse employees for the cost of their Police Information Check.

Orca Synchronized Swimming Club

Screening Policy

Adopted April 13, 2016

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