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Swimsuit and Club Uniform Policy

Each registered swimmer will receive one club suit (red practice suit), a nose clip and one swim cap per season as part of their registration fees.


Swimmers are expected to wear their club suit to all practices.


It is the responsibility of the swimmers to purchase any necessary replacement swimsuits, caps and nose plugs during the swimming season.


At the discretion of the current executive board, team suits for the water show may be purchased by the club.


Extra suits for solo and duet routines will be purchased for the water show at the expense of individual swimmers.


A coach’s uniform will be provided to all Orca coaches each swimming season. Uniforms may vary from year to year.


Once a year, if there is enough interest to place an order, a selection of club apparel may be purchased by club members. The parent executive will coordinate the ordering and purchasing of clubwear. The selection of attire may vary from year to year.



Updated February 2015

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