Synchro Kids

This program will introduce swimmers with little or no experience (typically ages 6 - 9) to the world of synchronized swimming. This program meets for 1.5 hours once a week from September to May. Swimmers in this program will work on synchro fundamentals and perform a routine at two club water shows. Synchro kids should be able to swim 25 m or have passed SwimKids level 3 by the start of the season.


Synchro Kids Plus

For young swimmers (typically ages 9 - 10) who have some Synchro Kids experience but are not yet ready for the Synchro Stars program. This program meets 2 hours twice a week (totaling 4 hours per week) from September to May. 


Synchro Stars

The Synchro Stars program is for swimmers who are 11 years old and up, or have more advanced swimming experience. Synchro Stars train 2.5 hours twice per week (totaling 5 hours per week) from September to May. 


At the start of the season, all Synchro Star swimmers spend the first few practices swimming together as a club. Coaches asses the athlete's abilities and divide them into teams of 6 - 8 participants based on skill level. Each team then works with a dedicated coach to build skill levels as well as a routine that will be performed at two water shows throughout the year. 

Synchro Stars Plus - New This Year!

For experienced synchronized swimmers (ages 15 - 24) with weekday time constraints OR for Synchro Stars athletes looking for an added challenge of a second team. Membership will be confirmed after an evaluation by the head coach. Athletes will meet once a week for 2.5 hours from September to May. 

Extra Routines - Duets and Solos

For athletes interested in extra training, Orca offers duets and solos. Beginning in October, these swimmers will practice an extra hour per week with a dedicated coach, working on their solo or duet routine. Extra routines will only be granted to Synchro Stars, athletes that have swum with the club for 3 or more years, or at the discretion of the head coach. Extra routine suits are not included in registration costs.

Mentorship Program

This bonus program is for experienced, strong swimmers ages 14 and up who are interested in learning to coach synchronized swimming. Swimmers will gain hands-on experience by volunteering on Sunday mornings with the SynchroKids program. As they work with younger swimmers, they are given assignments and guidance to build their coaching and teaching abilities. The Mentorship Program participants are typically full-time swimmers in our Synchro Stars program.

​Synchro Moms

A fun and challenging workout and introduction to synchronized swimming for moms (or dads) of Orca swimmers. Synchro Moms train once per week for 2 hours from October to May. Non-Orca adults may also join, however, space is limited and first priority is given to those who have a child who is/has been a club member. In addition to a fantastic workout, athletes in this program also work with a coach to create a routine that is performed at the year-end water show in May.


Please contact the head coach if you have any questions regarding Orca Programs.