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Training Dates and Times

Orca Kids: swim Tuesday at Eastglen Pool 7-8 PM for September and October.   Swim Sunday at Terwillegar 9-11 AM for November to May.


Stars - swim Tuesday at Eastglen 7-9 PM and Hardisty 4-6 PM September & October (if swimmer can make both practices).  November - teams will move to Tuesday/Sunday or Wednesday/Sunday dependent on team placement.  All Sunday practices are 11-1 PM at Terwillegar.





Orca Kids + - swim Tuesday at Eastglen 7-8 PM for September & October.  Swim Tuesday at Eastglen 7-8 PM & Sunday at Terwillegar 9-11 AM starting in November to May.

Orca Stars + - practice time to be determined, dependent on interest.


Orca Adults: Swim Tuesdays at Eastglen 7-9 PM. Additional Sunday practice to be added in November

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