Part of the Club


The Orca's season begins in September and runs to early May. Please see our Year at a Glance for additional information for the 2019/2019 season.

Late registrations may (at the head coach's discretion) be accepted depending on the applicant's skill level and available spots on Orca teams. Visit our Registration page to join the Orcas.


All fees are due upon registration, in full or split into two payments (September and January). Fees can be paid via cash or check. 

Synchro Kids Team ~ $475

Synchro Kids  Plus Team ~ $725

Synchro Stars Teams ~ $900

Synchro Stars Plus Team ~ $600

Synchro Moms Team ~  $600

Duets and Solos ~ $300

Orca Club Gear

Parents and swimmers will be provided with a list of Orca Gear that is available to order. In the past, this has included shorts, t-shirts, yoga pants, hoodies, jackets, and Orca branded Speedo swim backpacks. Orca Gear is typically ordered mid-autumn.


Breathe easy (no pun intended)! The only fundraising the Orcas participate in is a Casino every 18 - 24 months. Our next casino is scheduled for November 1st and 2nd, 2019. Sign up will be made available in the late summer and during registration night.

Proceeds from the casino go toward renting pool space, paying coaches, and items that enable us to run our program and facilitate the best learning environment for your athletes.  Don't worry if this is your first time working in a casino. Advisors have been hired to train us for these roles.​

* A $250 cheque will be collected from each swimmer on registration night.  This will be returned upon completion of one casino shift.

**Any additional casino shifts work will result in a fee reduction of $100/shift worked.  This amount will be refunded upon completion of the additional casino shifts.

Practice Suits

All swimmers receive a free, Orca swimsuit (TYR brand) at the start of each season.


Swim Caps

Each swimmer will receive an Orca swim cap at the beginning of each season. Additional swim caps can be purchased for $10 each. It is a good idea for swimmers to have at least 2 swim caps.

Nose Clips

Synchro swimmers can't live without nose clips! Swimmers will be provided with a nose clip at the beginning of the year; additional clips are available from coaches for $3 each. Again, it is recommended to have at least one spare nose clip.



Swimmers should purchase a good quality pair of swim goggles.  These are available from various locations throughout Edmonton and typically, cost between $15 and $20. Most goggles come with multiple nosebands in the package to customize and best fit your swimmer.


Routine Suits

Coaches and their teams pick out routine suits together. Suit selection is based on the swimmers' preferences and theme of the routine. The Wardrobe Coordinator (or designated alternate) will place the order for the team. The cost of these suits is included in registration fees.


Suits for duets and solos are decided on in a collaborative effort between the coach and their swimmer(s) as well as parents of the swimmer(s). Factors involved in choosing a suit including design, material, routine theme, and cost. Extra routine suits are not included in registration and will be covered by the athlete and their family.  


Refund Policy

Program withdrawals up to and including the third practice will be given a full refund less a $50 administration fee and the cost of the swimsuit ($70). Program withdrawals after the third practice will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Executive Board and may only receive a partial refund.